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Professor of Biology, Ecology, Medical Technology...
If we cannot make a HUGE difference in the inner city community that surrounds us
we have little reason to trust our faith, or continue our foreign missions program.

I am humbled to realize how wonderful the spirit of cooperation is in the people of this community
that surrounds us.

God made it, He said "That's really GOOD" and He doesn't expect me to abuse it.
Chris Farrell, Ph.D.Office 203 Greathouse 8-5 or
maybe in the Greenhouse
Office 615-248-1631
Cell 615-335-4534 or Facebook
e-mail cfarrell@trevecca.edu
B.A. Sciences and Social Sciences, Eastern Nazarene College, 1961

M.S. The Ohio State University, 1968 "Lipid Metabolism of Vitamin E Deficient
Ph. D. The Ohio State University, 1971
“The purification and partial characterization of mitochondrial CPK: A background study for
the understanding of myocardial infarct”

These are the pages in my wiki; Gerald, Johann, Peter, and Waldo.